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the cure for stealing

There is a pastor in a small town who is displeased to discover that someone has stolen his bicycle. It is a small town so he does not own a car and uses his bike to get everywhere. But more upsetting is the fact that he knows everyone in town, since they are all members of his congregation, and he cannot figure out who would have stolen his prized possession. He is still stewing about this during the church elder meeting and not sure what to do when one of his deacons comes up with a suggestion. “This Sunday, why don`t you preach on the Ten Commandments and when you get to the command `Thou shall not steal` you can rain down the fire and brimstone and preach so convincingly that the thief will be overcome with guilt and repent of their sin and return your bike?” Says deacon Jones. Everyone agrees that this is a great plan. On Sunday, the church is full and the pastor goes about his plan. He is going strong but halfway through his sermon, he changes topics and starts preaching about grace and forgiveness. After the service is over and all the people have filed out of the church, deacon Jones comes over to the pastor and says, “What happened? I thought you were going to preach heavily on stealing to weed out our thief.” The pastor replies, “Well, I was. But then I got to the commandment `Thou shall not commit adultery` and I suddenly remembered where I left my bike.”

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