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How I got my car fixed.

So I`m sitting on the side of the road, car broken down, when a guy pulls up to me. He gets out and asks if I need help. I said, “Sure, if you can fix it.” He walks around back and kicks the bumper, slams his fist on the trunk, and twists the gas gap a bunch of times. Then he walks around to the side, opens the door, and slams it shut a few times, then pulls on the front handle for about a minute. He asks me to try it again, and sure enough it starts. I ask him, “Is it fixed?” He says, “No, I tricked the car into thinking it works again. I say, “Wow, you`re not too bad of a bad mechanic.” Confused, he says, “Mechanic? No…. I`m a Chiropractor.”

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Like can I live

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