Captain and his red shirt

A newly appointed captain on a ship is standing on the deck, when a call comes out `An enemy ship is approaching!` The captain calmly turns to his first mate and says `Bring me my red shirt.` They`re victorious and after the battle some of the crew ask the captain why he asked for his red shirt; he says that in a red shirt his wounds won`t be seen by the crew in combat, and help their morale. A few weeks later the captain is standing on deck when the call comes down that two enemy ships are approaching. Again the captain asks for his red shirt, they`re once again victorious. Another week goes by and there is another call, this time three ships. Captain asks for his red shirt, and again victory! Next week when the captain is standing on the deck he hears his crew yell `Captain! Ten enemy ships are approaching!` The captain turns to his first mate, and quitely says: `Bring me my brown pants.`

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