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  • Mimijumi, the worlds best baby bottle, built to mimic the breast, so you can take a break from feeding whenever you need to.
  • Lolla land, sippy cups for when your baby graduates the bottle

At Mimijumi, we’re the tits

  • We hope to use this platform to engage with mothers across the world on topics surrounding what it means to be a Mother.  Being a mother is incredibly rewarding and amazing and we would never trade it for anything (besides maybe a month-long yoga retreat). But sometimes there’s already enough baby in your life, and a distraction is in order.
  • Which is why we love satire, and those Larry David / Seinfeld type moments of motherhood reality… we love bringing those moments together so we can all laugh together on Dizzy Swan.
  • Life with our baby bottle and with our website is that much easier/more enjoyable… which is ultimately our goal (Web+bottle = get your baby off your tits for a bit)
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